Carpet Cleaning & Installation Los Angeles

carpet cleaning image1If you are looking for Professional Carpet Cleaning, our expert technicians have experience with every type of Oriental rug, carpet, curtain and upholstery fabric and fiber you can think of. While you can certainly clean your carpets yourself, most homeowners don’t have access to the same kind of equipment used by professional carpet cleaners. Hiring a company like us is generally cost effective. When you consider the cost and difficulties involved in renting professional equipment and hauling it back and forth from your property, it may make more sense to shell out a  few extra dollars to have a professional clean the carpets.

Steam Cleaning & Carpet Cleaners in Los Angeles

We offer steam cleaning using state-of-the art truck mounted equipment. Dry cleaning is available for certain types of carpet or upon the homeowner’s request. You can call us Steam Cleaners, because while we are experts in the use of all types of dirt extraction, our most popular technique is hot water extraction,i.e. steam cleaning. Use our service and you can be sure you are getting the best steam cleaning service around.

Carpet Cleaning Services, Carpet Cleaners or Steam Cleaning in Los Angeles CA

Olympic Home Remodeling is the number one choice when it comes to carpet cleaning Los Angeles. There are many carpet cleaners Los Angeles available but Olympic Home Remodeling is a step above all of these other carpet cleaners for a variety of reasons but we will focus on a few of the major reasons. Olympic Home Remodeling is registered with the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and has a fantastic reputation with the Better Business Bureau. We earned this reputation by meeting and exceeding the expectations of our clients.

Olympic Home Remodeling has many years of experience dealing with flood damage and a host of other challenges so rest assured we have experience in dealing with your carpets and making them look fantastic. Olympic Home Remodeling has invested in the top equipment, this equipment lets us do a more thorough job which means you get cleaner carpets. Olympic Home Remodeling is going to provide you with our transparent pricing, unlike other firms who make their pricing model very complex so they can hide their real fees we let you know upfront what it will take to complete the job.

Our pricing makes Olympic Home Remodeling one of the most competitively priced carpet cleaners Los Angeles has to offer. While our pricing is competitive we also have a large base of satisfied clients who have been using our services for many years. We have worked very hard over the years to build our reputation and once you hired Olympic Home Remodeling to clean your carpets you will never consider hiring another firm. We do everything right the first time around so you have nothing to worry about. Something that makes Olympic Home Remodeling unique amongst all of the carpet cleaners Los Angeles has available is our non aggressive demeanor, when you hire Olympic Home Remodeling we are dressed professionally and provide fast, courteous service. This means you never have to worry about one of our carpet cleaners doing something unprofessional. Contact Olympic Home Remodeling right now and let us show you how we can make your carpets cleaner for less money than you expect.

Carpet Installation Services

Carpet installation
is but one of the many flooring options available for today’s homeowner. However,you’d be hard-pressed to find a flooring material that’s as versatile or well liked while remaining very affordable. There’s carpet cleaning image2nothing as relaxing as coming home after a hard day on the job, removing your shoes, and unwinding in your own home. If your living space is covered in comfortable carpet, the experience can be one of extreme satisfaction.

Our professional crew works fast, and if there are no unforeseen setbacks, your carpet can be installed in just 1 day. In most cases, the process can take several days if you also include the time it takes to find and hire a contractor and have the materials brought to your home for the installation. If the job is very large or difficult, like including old flooring that needs to be removed, the job can take as long as a week. Whatever the case, rest assured that we will do the job right the first time and your complete satisfaction is our goal.

Carpet Repair

One of the biggest concerns with carpet is its durability. Poorly maintained carpet may cease to perform well and look good after only a few years; when compared to the lifespan of a tile, concrete, or hardwood floors.Those who take care of their carpets however will have their carpet remain in excellent condition for a far greater period of time. In some cases carpet repair is a necessity if you want to get the longest amount of use from your carpet.

carpet installation image

In most cases, carpet repairs only take a single visit, as long our crew knows what it will be dealing with before they arrive. Most times carpet repair can be performed on the same day that your request is made.

Carpet Repair in Los Angeles CA