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Water is the most abundant compound on Earth’s surface, covering 70 percent of the planet. Roughly 70 percent of an adult’s body is made up of water and at birth. . Water is a necessity in life, but it can also cause great problems.Water damage can lead to wood rot, peeling paint, insect infestation, roofing issues, and increasing maintenance cost.
The best ways to prevent water damage from rainwater and snowmelt:

Windows/Doors: Check for leaks around your windows and doors, paying extra attention near the corners. Peeling paint could be signs of water getting into the wood. Discolored paint or swelling of the window or door frame could be signs of water damage.

Roof: Repair or replace shingles around any area that allows water to penetrate the roof sheathing. Leaks will most commonly be found around chimneys, plumbing vents and attic vents. To find the source of a ceiling leak, measure its location from the nearest outside wall and then locate this point in the attic using a measuring tape. Water may run along the attic floor, rafters, or truss for quite a distance before coming through the ceiling.

Foundation and Exterior Walls: Seal any cracks and holes in external walls, joints, and foundations.

Plumbing: Check for leaking faucets and dripping or “sweating” pipes. Inspect washing machine hoses for bulges, cracks or wetness. Replace them every few years or sooner if problems are found. Inspect the water heater for signs of rust or water on the floor.

Landscaping: Keep trees trimmed so that branches are 7 feet away from any exterior house surface. This will help prolong the life of your siding and roof and prevent insects from entering your home from the tree. Vines growing on the side of a home can help open cracks in the siding, which allows moisture the house.
If water damage does occur, you can minimize the damage by addressing the problem quickly. If water is flowing into the home from burst piping or damaged appliances, shut off the water supply, found outside the house or at the meter.
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