Bridget C.10426589_119452781728831_2153330938085411419_n From Los Angeles. CA    

I had to immediately relocate for business reasons and had to vacate the house i was renting however i have a two big dog who’s in-compliant. He had pooped and peed all over my carpet and the wood floor needed to be polished . I wanted to leave the place as i received it so i wouldn’t get docked with my security deposit so i also had the walls painted . I called Olympic water damage and restoration to help me with all my needs and received excellent service. I also called on a Sunday and needed the job done within a few days. they came right away and completed the job within 3 days . polished the wood floor , carpet cleaned my house, painted the walls, took care of a leak that i was not aware of and made my carpets look bran new. They are professional, reliable, pleasant , and saved me a ton of money, the landlord was very impressed and would use them again. Thank you for your hard work and I loved the results. You area PROFESSIONAL company RELIABLE and EFFICIENT . I HIGHLY RECOMMEND YOU 🙂                                                   



 Assaf Moshe Assaraf From  Los Angeles , CA

I usually don’t write reviews but I really felt like this one was very deserving. The service when they came to repair was amazing as if they were repairing their own items. The service was unbelievable and I will surley use this company again in the future. Thank you!




Alin C. From North Hollywood, CA 

Great service, they provided the clean up after our water heater leaked. They were quick to respond, provided detailed information on what was going to happen and provided a detailed/itemized bill prior to starting. Checked with other companies and they did not want to give an estimate, or itemized bill. Would definitely use them again and recommend them.
Thank you Tomer For doing a great Job! I highly Recommended                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             07/8/2015




   10805681_10154970761480389_7131805585970726492_nRenee C. From Woodland Hills , CA

I had an emergency situation where water damage occurred during a sewer backup and everything was happening so fast that i panic-ed. i started searching on google and yelp and didnt know who to call until i called a neighbor and they recommended Olympic for my water damage needs . It was a Sunday and they came quickly and i was so glad they did. my house was a mess full of sewer water and dirt. They quickly took care of the backup and called there plumbers to assist and took care of business quickly. They are a full service company whom did my repairs too and i was so glad that not only they took care of my water damage needs but they also installed my new carpets and cleaned my couch and also repaired my walls , painted and basically i only had to deal with one company for everything. what a relief . they are very reliable, efficient and effective. I would highly recommend them. They are a pleasant to work with and earned my A++. Great work Olympic                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                6/3/2015




 10987010_793195757426821_7915812836436015322_nAriel A. From Los Angeles, CA

Olympic Home Remodeling is great! They have wonderful customer service, offer top quality work and have great pricing! The staff is friendly and helpful and they were able to get the work scheduled and done quickly. They are reliable and professional! Thanks Olympic 🙂                                                                                                                                                                                         4/22/2015





      index           Abigail H. From Malibu, CA

I am writing this letter to thank Olympic Restoration for the excellent service they provided when I had a mold growth in my rental house. When I called Olympic Restoration for a damage assessment, they answered my call very quickly. Manager is an easy to talk to, go straight to the point type of guy. He got me an estimate very quickly, price is very reasonable, and there are no hidden or add on charges. Once I agreed to the estimate, Olympic Restoration team arrived on site in a timely fashion, worked extremely fast, efficient and professionally. They made sure the mold issue has been dealt with. I feel that I received excellent service and result thanks to Olympic Restoration. I am a happy customer and I would recommend Olympic Restoration to anyone out there with a mold issue. Thanks again.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     5/9/2014



Olivia W. From Calabasas, CA

Honest and excellent service. They came to my house to look at mold remediation in my basement and was very informative. They came up with solutions and options for me. They were very knowledgeable and explained everything in detail. I would not hesitate to call them up again.                  




Sophia A. From Los Angeles, CA


My mind was put at ease with the inspection and complete description of what would take place to rid this room of mold. Tomer is professional, friendly and courteous. The men who assisted with the job were also courteous and friendly. This team arrived when they said they would and the time it took to complete the work was exactly what I had been told. No surprises. Communication was perfect. The clean up was 100%. If they walked on it, they washed it. No remnants of them being here were left behind except for a job well done! I am very happy and would use them again. I would feel confident recommending Olympic Restoration to family and friends.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     4/10/2014


Emily S.From Los Angeles, CA


First of all being a new family in the LA area unknowing to us we didn’t realize the mold issues we had in our basement of our home, but after a long research online and contacting many companies I would like to thank Tomer from Olympic Restoration for his immediate response from my request form. Tomer set up a free estimate/inspection appointment later in the same day. When I met Tomer to give us a quote he was very well mannered and was empathetic to our issue. He was very prompt in answering all my questions, I found him to be very professional and pleasant to talk with. We had another company call us but was unable to give us a quote for a few days which Tomer has called the same day to do a follow up to see how we were managing, I knew then Olympic Restoration was the company to deal with. The day the work was started manger came by to check on the progress in the clean up and kept us informed with pictures and the steps that had to be taken to prevent any mold from re appearing,. Manager was also very knowledgeable and well mannered and it was nice to know not just the workers did a great job but the manager was also concerned about the health of our family as we all now know the danger of mold in our home. We would like to thank them for their care and a job professionally completed. We would recommend this company to all home owners and businesses if services are needed.                                                          04/9/2014


Emma P. From Studio City, CA

Coming home and discovering serious water damage is a traumatic experience, particularly when you’ve taken all the necessary precautions to ensure it wouldn’t happen. The speed and professionalism displayed in the ‘take charge’ way you and your experienced staff dealt with the problem, made us feel we were in competent hands. “While the total cost was more than first estimated, so was the extent of the damage. You did the right thing by digging deeper to discover and repair all the damage now to avoid more expense in the future. This resulted in a totally professional restoration of our home to as good as new condition. You may use us as a reference to any clients seeking a quality Company to do quality work.                                                                                                                                     03/24/2014